Create the life & future you dream of in...
This 12-Module Personal Growth Program & LIVE Dream Building Sessions Will Support You To Find Your Purpose & Live The Life You Were Born For
Hi there, this is Emily Gowor, inspirational author and speaker!
After experiencing near-suicidal depression 15 years ago, I decided I would do whatever it took to live an extraordinary life.

In the months and years that followed, I connected with my purpose to inspire humanity and turned my life around.

For more than a decade now, I’ve been doing what I love and fulfilling my purpose – including writing & publishing 11 books, speaking on international stages, earning 6-figures a year, being interviewed in media, winning entrepreneur awards, and inspiring 1000's of people globally to pursue their dreams!

Today, I live the life I love and share my gifts with the world – and I want to help you do the same.

I can’t wait to help you fulfil your purpose.

You KNOW who you really are.

You KNOW you are here on Earth for a reason.


You KNOW you were born for bigger things.

Welcome to Born For Greatness!
I truly believe people have far more potential inside them than they realise.

I also believe that each one of us has something incredibly valuable to share with the world.

We are all born with greatness inside us – but only few people truly express it.

That is why I created Born For Greatness.

I know that finding your purpose & fulfilling your dreams on Earth isn’t an overnight process – or an easy one – and it is my highest calling to help you express your fullest potential in life.

This program is how I achieve that: it’s my way of assisting people to comprehend how extraordinary they are and how much the world needs their gift.

I can’t wait to experience who you TRULY are…
 and help you share that with humanity.
I will help you to:

Manifest the life you desire with greater ease

Impact the world by being your AUTHENTIC self

Succeed in all aspects of life as you fulfil your purpose

The outcome?

Master your life and fulfil the dream inside your heart.

Here’s how Born For Greatness works…

As soon as you enrol in the program, you will receive INSTANT ACCESS to 12 Life-Changing Training Modules!

These comprehensive modules are organised into 3 key phases and a step-by-step plan for you to create the extraordinary life you deserve!

Each module is practical, inspirational and designed to unleash your greatness.

I recommend completing them in order to experience the maximum inspiration and transformation.

Here’s just some of what we cover:


Module 1: Awaken Your Greatness 

It is time to define and start discovering the greatness that lies dormant within you. Your time to create an extraordinary life is now. 

  • Defining what human greatness is
  • Discover 3 things that hold your greatness back
  • Uncover the keys to maximising your potential
  • ​Be inspired to live boldly in pursuit of your dreams
  • ​Sign the Greatness Pledge for your life

Module 2: Know Your True Self

Every moment in your life so far has been shaping you into who you can become. By understanding where you come from, you can discover who you are.

  • Get to know your authentic self on a deeper level
  • ​Discover your values, Human Design & more
  • ​Write the story of your life using it as a growth tool
  • ​Uncover the significant events of your life that define your destiny 

Module 3: Discover Your Destiny

Forming a deep connection to your soul’s purpose on Earth – and knowing what you were born to do – is the key to the success, meaning, love and life you dream of.

  • Ask & answer deep reflective questions about your life  
  • ​Discover underlying principles about purpose 
  • ​Complete a powerful 5-step exercise for clarifying your destiny 
  • Write your clear and unique purpose statement     
  • ​Find the starting point for an inspiring future

Module 4: Design Your Dream Life

Take the time to carefully define how you would love your life to be. Reflect on the 7 areas of your life & what type of experiences you would love to have in your life. 

  • ​Explore and define how you want your 7 areas of life to be 
  • ​Learn ways to clarify & remind yourself of your vision 
  • Discover the courage to live a life authentic to you  
  • ​Tap into the higher vision for your future 
  • ​Set goals for your life & the next 12 months


Module 5: Own Your Magnificence 

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for your entire life. The deep work we will do together will increase your self-respect, self-love and self-worth so you can create an authentic and rewarding life – on all levels.

  • ​Awaken your unique expression of human greatness
  • ​Overcome ‘Comparison-itis’ and own who you truly are 
  • ​Increase your confidence & level of self-love 
  • ​Reconnect with your innate gifts, skills & talents 
  • ​Strengthen your relationship with who you are

Module 6: Overcome Your Adversities 

Challenge is an inherent part of being human. I will share practical and grounded wisdom to help you handle common adversities that we face on our journey. 

  • ​Overcome your greatest adversity 
  • ​Discover practical approaches for dissolving anxiety  
  • Uncover effective strategies for overcoming overwhelm 
  • Learn how to handle criticism in your life & career 
  • ​Heal from relationship break-ups & other life challenges 

Module 7: Master Your Relationships

Relationships are an essential part of your human experience - and the journey of fulfilling your purpose on the planet. Learn principles for creating meaningful connections in all areas of your life.  

  • ​Explore self-love versus other-love 
  • ​Complete an assessment of your relationships  
  • Attract & maintain a fulfilling soulmate partnership 
  • Map out & create your personal and professional ‘Dream Team’  
  • Discover and connect with your ‘family of freaks’

Module 8: Expand Your Wealth 

Financial wealth is a struggle that is familiar to most people. Learn how to transcend money adversity and experience the riches you deserve.

  • ​Enhance your conscious awareness of abundance 
  • ​Discover what your ‘money weaknesses’ are  
  • Exercises to transform your relationship with money  
  • Heal the shame & guilt that holds your wealth back  
  • Connect with your true wealth & the source of your riches 


Module 9: Build Your Dream Career

You deserve to thrive in pursuit of your purpose - and this means being paid to do what you love every day. It’s time to create the career you dream of. 

  • ​Start the journey to be highly paid from your purpose
  • Define your Dream Career in 3 simple steps
  • Learn the 5-steps to growing a 6-figure business 
  • See new possibilities to merge your heart and your work 

Module 10: Optimise Your Life

Learn powerful tools for getting the best out of yourself. I will show you practical approaches and inspiring principles for sharing your gifts & creating the momentum you need..

  • Perform a complete assessment on your time 
  • Learn my #1 Productivity hack for achieving results 
  • Develop a unique & meaningful spiritual practice
  • Discover 3 steps to a transformative journaling practice 
  • ​Implement strategies to get the best out of yourself every day 

Module 11: Support Your Body

Your physical body is your only point of contact with planet Earth – without it, you aren’t here. Transform and strengthen your relationship with your soul's greatest teammate.

  • Deepen your relationship with your physical body
  • Develop an effective Burnout Recovery Plan for success
  • Tips for overcoming body image issues & finding confidence 
  • The essential nature of downtime for achieving success 
  • ​Learn strategies for resetting when your cup is empty  

Module 12: Leave Your Legacy

There is a significant contribution that you can make to humanity by fulfilling your purpose. Move forward boldly and make your mark in the world.

  • Clearly define the legacy you would love to leave on planet Earth 
  • Purpose, mission & vision: the difference (and why it matters) 
  • Define and connect with the core message of your life 
  • Write a post-humus biography detailing your achievements  
  • ​Be inspired to make your difference to the human race 
In these life-changing modules, I will share principles and guide you through exercises designed to heal and release anything hindering your greatness and the life you want.

The 12 modules of Born For Greatness will help you unlock your OUTER success through your INNER world.

You will receive INSTANT ACCESS to the private Members Area for Born For Greatness 
where the modules, worksheets, and resources are hosted.

Start your journey to greatness today x
This program will encourage you to live boldly
in pursuit of what you were BORN to do.

Born For Greatness includes 40+ worksheets ($997) to
help you master your life!

  • Maximising Human Greatness
  • Relationship Assessment
  • ​Financial Plan Template 
  • ​Set Your Goals
  • ​Increase Your Income
  • ​Self-Worth Assessment 
  • ​3 Steps To A Journal Practice 
  • ​Fuel Your Physical Body
  • ​Defining Your Legacy 
And MANY more!

Completing the program worksheets will take you to the next level of your dreams.
Expressing your greatness is not an overnight process!

 This is why Born For Greatness includes extra support so that you can thrive in key moments of your journey.
BONUS #1: LIVE Dream Building Sessions ($2,997)
I know that you will need encouragement, support and inspiration on the path of creating the life you dream of - AND I know that you don't want to walk this path alone :(

This is why you are invited to join us for LIVE Dream Building Sessions to receive inspiration, guidance and support to help you fulfil your purpose here on Earth!

In the LIVE sessions:
  • Explore and complete key parts of the Born For Greatness curriculum together
  • ​Experience NEW topics in the 7 areas of life
  • ​Enjoy dedicated Life Planning sessions to build your Inspirational Life Planner 
  • ​Hear from Guest Speakers on topics - purpose, potential, emotional mastery and MORE!
Calls are hosted via Zoom in Brisbane time zone. Upcoming call information will be emailed to you in advance. All live sessions are recorded and added to the Members Area to make sure you never miss a topic!
These sessions will give you the chance to:
  • Meet new like-minded people from around the world
  • Ask for support anytime you need it – personal or professional
  • Connect with me personally very month
  • ​Develop a network of people who inspire your dreams
Born For Greatness is so much more than another online program - 
it is a safe place & a like-minded network of people who believe in you and your dream.
BONUS #2: Inspirational Life Planner ($397)
I know that you have BIG dreams for the future - and for your purpose on Earth - and I want to support you to define the life that you love.

This is why I am GIVING you my Inspirational Life Planner template when you enrol in the program! 
The  planner has 240+ pre-formatted sections that will help you to capture your dreams on paper, ask for what you want in every area of life and plan for the future! 
The template includes:
  • Sections for the 7 Areas of your life
  • Affirmations, examples and quotes
  • ​Your "inspirations" section
  • ​​Financial & Business Plan templates
  • ​A Soulmate Relationship plan
  • ​​The 8 Pillars of Money Mastery
  • ​​Your Bucket List section
And SO much more! 

Your life plan can be printed & bound and used as a daily reminder
 of what inspires you, your vision and WHY you do what you do!
BONUS #3: Program Manual ($497)
To support your journey further, Born For Greatness includes a Build-It-Yourself program manual!

The program includes full-colour printable resources including:
  • Branded Born For Greatness cover page
  • Born For Greatness title page
  • ​Welcome letter and exercises
  • ​The Greatness Pledge document
  • 12 x Module cover pages
  • ​Branded pages for note-taking & creativity
  • ​Comprehensive worksheets for every module
Simply print out each download as the program progresses – and add it to your Born For Greatness folder at home!
BONUS #4: Born Great by Emily Gowor ($30)
To inspire you even further on your journey of fulfilling your purpose, your enrolment in the program also includes a copy of my book, Born Great!
Written from my heart, this inspirational book will show you how to be who you are, have what you want, and change the world.
  • Connect with a deep sense of meaning for your life
  • Learn wisdom behind lasting success and accomplishment
  • Find the courage to follow your heart and soul
  • Discover why being yourself is the key to your dreams
This book inspired the creation of Born For Greatness – and it has been touching lives all over the world x
In Born For Greatness, I will share heartfelt wisdom, life-changing principles & practical tools that will help you create the life you LOVE. 
Why Born For Greatness? 
  • Deep & Inspirational: This program will become a spiritual sanctuary in your life – a place you go to share your dreams & breakthrough what is holding you back. 
  • Worksheets & Resources: Receive access to downloadable comprehensive worksheets, cheat sheets, templates and recommended resources for 12 weeks!
  • Heart-Centered Mentoring: I will draw from my personal life journey and share what has worked in creating a rewarding life that I love every day. 
  • Powerful Exercises That Work: Experience deep & profound personal growth work that will heal your mind, open your heart and change your life. 
  • Network Support: Benefit from my support & the support of the Born For Greatness community to find & fulfil YOUR purpose and potential.
I know you have a significant contribution to make to humanity.
In Born For Greatness, I will support you to do exactly that!

Here’s what will happen as soon as you enrol:

  • Confirmation & Welcome Email
  • ​Access The Private Members Area 
  • ​Join The Facebook Group
  • Start Watching The 12 Modules
  • ​Attend the LIVE Dream Building Sessions!
I will inspire you through the journey of fulfilling your destiny &
living the life you were truly born for.

No dream is too big for me.

I created Born For Greatness for people who:

  • Know they were born for a BIGGER life 
  • ​Are feeling unfulfilled & empty and want more from life
  • ​Need clarity on their purpose & their next steps forward
  • ​Want to see a new inspiring vision for the future 
  • Believe deep down they can change peoples’ lives
  • ​Experience self-doubt and struggle to believe in themselves
  • ​Want to impact & inspire thousands of people globally
  • ​Need support to overcome their emotional challenges
  • Would love to share the journey to greatness 
Enrol in an INSPIRING journey of awakening your greatness today!
Here’s What People Say About Emily… 
“After four and a half decades of working with human behaviour in my career, I am certain that every individual has far greater potential than many may realize, and that it is in the pursuit of what we feel the most inspired to do that we discover the truth of own magnificence.
Emily and her story are living proof of this. She is far more mature in her wisdom than she is in her years, and I know she will inspire you and show you that your life, too, can be deeply meaningful."
Dr John Demartini
International Best-Selling Author
"Just when I thought Emily had nailed it in her book Born Great, she then creates an outstanding program which brings the book alive, like a movie. 
I felt Emily in the room as she introduced each chapter to me. 
I came away from with many new and fresh ideas and stories to introduce in my own business. Thanks for sharing this powerful program.
I am inspired by you always, thank YOU!"
Karen Howe
Writer, Author & Speaker
“Over the past few years, I experienced massive confusion, anxiety and sadness due to the death of my father. I had a lack of interest in where I wanted to be financially and found myself just drifting through life aimlessly.
I heard about Emily’s Born for Greatness program. After going through the first few videos, I decided to put what I was learning into effect (taking action) with what I was learning from the course.
Having now completed the course, I am more at peace within myself. I am happier and more inspired to achieve my business and life goals. I have created a successful financial strategy where now even my family and their kids are interested in implementing. Thank you, Emily.”
Phillip Manfredi
“Emily Gowor is one of the most inspirational people you will ever meet. 
I recently completed her Born for Greatness program and am currently reading her book, Born Great. I found Emily extremely easy to listen to and she made me excited to follow my passions in life. 
I went from doubting myself to feeling truly inspiring.”
Michelle Gardner
Speaker & Advocate For Wellness
"My mind is generally awash with ideas, but Emily helped me to get clear on the ideas that made the most sense for me, and an action plan to help me on the road to making those ideas a reality. She is on a lifelong, global journey to inspire and impact, and everyone with similar aspirations will receive immense value from having Emily as a mentor."
Shane Breslin
Business Owner, Writer & Speaker
“Emily has been an absolute inspiration to me. Emily is an amazing writer and she is living her life congruently with her mission and purpose. I am looking forward to reading her new books. If your path should cross with Emily – and you get the opportunity to work with her – she will amaze and inspire you also.”
Sally Moore
"I contacted Emily as I resonated with her authentic and open communication. I found her inspiring tips on YouTube helped me through a time of my life when I was searching for growth. Emily’s mentoring helped me build confidence in myself and provided me with the support I needed to action my dreams. Too often, I meet people who talk about their dreams but never do anything about them. Emily has a gift to get you going and closing that gap between what you want and where you’re at right now in an inspiring and energizing way."
 Mia Berglund

Program Summary
  • 12 Comprehensive DIY Training Modules ($2,997)
  • 40+ Powerful Worksheets for Personal Growth ($997)
  • Branded Born For Greatness BIY Manual ($497) 
  • Downloadable Resources, Templates & Cheat-Sheets ($497)
  • BONUS: Dream Building Sessions with Emily ($2,997)
  • ​BONUS: Inspirational Life Planner template ($397)
  • BONUS: 12 Branded Greatness Affirmations
  • BONUS: Copy of Born Great by Emily Gowor ($30)
  • BONUS: Born For Greatness Facebook Community (Priceless!)
TOTAL VALUE: $8,412... join today for just $44 a month!
The best investment you will ever make is in yourself x
What if I'm not clear on my purpose yet?
That's perfectly okay! In Born For Greatness, I will support you to clarify and connect with your soul’s purpose. This is essential as it is the key to the life you were born for. There is also a specific session in the program to help you write your purpose statement.
Will I be able to interact with Emily?
Yes! You can ask Emily any question anytime in the Dream Building Sessions or via the Born For Greatness Facebook group. In each case, she will reply as soon as possible. You are also welcome to share your growth and updates via the Facebook group. Emily would love to connect with you!
Is it possible to fall behind with the modules?
No, it's not possible! Once you enrol in the program, you will have full access to the Members area for Born For Greatness. Watch and re-watch the modules you feel you need, as you need them, for your journey of fulfilling your purpose. 

Is there a minimum enrolment in the program?
There is a 6 month minimum enrolment in the program. This is to cover the base cost of the downloadable resources included as part of the program (Inspirational Life Planner, etc.). The lifetime payment option will gain you unlimited access for life.
Be inspired to pursue your purpose and live the life you dream of.
It will be deep.

It will be personal.

It will be inspiring.

It will be transformational.

Born For Greatness is a spiritual journey of expressing the greatness within YOU.
It's Time To Be Who You Are, Fulfil Your Soul’s Purpose...

And Live The Life You Were Born For
Copyright 2022 Emily Gowor. All rights reserved.