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Hi there, this is Emily Gowor, 12-time published author and speaker
Writing a book is a powerful experience that will amplify your ability to touch the world in a meaningful way.

Once published, your book will help you:
  • Increase your income by using the book in marketing & promotion
  • Expand your networks & sell your book to new contacts
  • Turn strangers into readers and then clients
  • Secure speaking & media opportunities
And SO much more!

To reap the many rewards available to you as an author, I believe you must write and publish an extraordinary book. This is my specialty!

With 13+ years’ experience in the industry, I have worked on every part of a book - from the IDEA through to the PUBLISHED title - and I would love to support you to bring yours to life.

Join the Publishing Success Program today, and let's start the journey!
It’s time to publish your message, change people’s lives
& grow a career that inspires you!
I know that writing & publishing a book can be confusing.

It’s easy to feel lost & overwhelmed with all of the steps to complete and the questions to answer:

“Where do I start?”

“How do I organize my ideas into a book?”

“What is the best publishing option for me?”

“How do I publish a good quality book?”

“Who do I trust?”

I know that first-time authors need A LOT of support to not only navigate the world of book writing & publishing – but also produce a book that they are proud of.

That is why I created the Publishing Success Program!

The Publishing Success Program shares 13+ years’ of my experience, knowledge & skills in taking books all the way from idea to published title – including editing Dr John Demartini’s Hay House best-seller Inspired Destiny, publishing 12 of my own books & producing 75+ titles with my publishing company, Gowor International Publishing.

In the program, I will help you to:

1. Plan A Book That Sells Like Hotcakes
2. Write A Manuscript People LOVE
3. Publish A High-Quality Book You’re Proud Of

The Publishing Success Program will walk you step-by-step through the journey of
writing & publishing a best-seller quality book this year!

Here’s what the program includes…
When you enrol in the Publishing Success Program, you will receive INSTANT ACCESS 
to 8 Author Training Modules!

These comprehensive modules cover the 8 essential stages of producing a stand-out title
– all the way from idea to publish.

Every module will teach you what you need to know about becoming an author as well as answer your burning questions along the way!
Here’s what you will learn:

Module 1: Your Author Master Plan

This will module will guide you to clarify your vision, plans and income opportunities as an author through
developing the Author Master Plan for your future!
In this module:

• Explore and develop your Author Master Plan
• C​larify your vision and future plans for your book
The mindset you need in order to produce an amazing title
• What separates authors who succeed from those who struggle 
• Real stories of inspiration from the authors I've published

Module 2: Your Book Idea

This module will support you to get clear on your book idea and improve it so it sells like hotcakes once it's published!
In this module:

• The key elements that you must master in your book idea
• The 5 steps to write your manuscript from blank page to being ready for the editor
Why a good book idea matters (and how to make sure yours sells well once released)
• ​The 3 boxes to tick with your book idea
• Clearly define your Reader Avatar

 Module 3: Your Book Outline

This module will walk you step-by-step through the process of organizing your many ideas for your book
into a clear, structured content plan that reflects your core message.
In this module:

• Be guided to create your Book Outline with my simple step-by-step process used by all my clients
• Learn how to create a reader journey in your book
• Discover how to halve the time it takes to produce your book manuscript (and stay organised!)
Format your book manuscript before writing

Module 4: Write Your Book

This module will support you to write an inspiring manuscript that both you and your readers will love – 
and minimise writers block along the way!
In this module:

• Learn how to set up your writing space & schedule
See examples of book parts – Preface, Introduction & more!
• Master a title & subtitle that impact your readers
• Be supported to write a powerful blurb
• Discover strategies for staying inspired while you write!

Module 5: Review Your Book

This module will teach you how to complete a VERY important step that most self-published authors miss 
when writing and publishing their book: review.
In this module:

• Learn why you MUST complete a book review
• The 3 pathways to sourcing a book review
85 Questions to Ask & Answer during manuscript appraisal
• How to perform your own book review
Publisher experience with improving books before publish

Module 6: Design Your Book Cover

This module will empower you to source a winning design for your book cover that matches your content 
appeals to your reader.
In this module:

• Discover your 3 options for sourcing a cover design
Learn the essential components of compelling covers
• Receive a checklist of what to feature on the front, back & spine
• See examples of great book covers
Complete training on how to use 99 Designs!

Module 7: Publish Your Book

This module will teach you everything you need to know about successfully publishing your book,
 from the first draft to published title.
In this module:

• Learn every step of the publishing process
• How to hire & work with editors, typesetters & publishing team
• How to buy ISBN’s, barcodes & more
• Choosing the correct trim size & layout for your book
• How to successfully upload, publish & print your book

Module 8: Market Your Book

This module will prepare you to share your book with the world by teaching you the 3 stages of marketing a book 
and giving you creative ideas for promotion.
In this module:

• Receive ideas for promoting your book
• Learn the 3 phases of marketing any book
• Prepare yourself to launch your title
• The 3 pathways to selling & earning from your book
• Attend the Marketing Masterclass for Authors (3 modules)
These 8 powerful modules will teach you everything you NEED to know about planning, writing & publishing your book – especially things you don’t know that you need to know yet!

Every module contains training videos, worksheets, examples, templates, contacts & insider-information that will answer your FAQs.

I will share how I have written & published 11 of my own books, what I learned editing a Hay House Best-Seller for Dr John Demartini & the best of my how-to knowledge from 12+ years’ experience in producing manuscripts!

The publishing module of this program is worth your entire investment alone!

My knowledge on publishing books is EXTENSIVE!

As well as how to manage the high-level process of publishing, I will also teach you:

  • Essential information for working with printers
  • How to decide if you should print paperback or hardcover
  • The cost difference between printing colour or B&W
  • ​How to calculate shipping costs & options for your book
  • ​How to select the right fonts for your interior
  • ​The process for estimating the print prices of your title
  • ​How to set the right RRP for your book
  • Proper practice for processing reader book orders
  • ​The correct resolution for images (cover & interior)
  • ​How to fix/correct low quality pictures
  • ​When to set the launch date for your book
  • ​How many books to order in your first print run
  • ​Why you MUST have a proof copy & what to do with it
  • ​How soon is too soon to accept pre-launch sales
  • ​The ins & outs of global bookstore distribution
  • How royalties work & what your earning pathways are
I have a high-level of attention to detail and I believe that books should not only read well and look fabulous, but reflect the heart and soul of the author.

THAT is what I will help YOU to achieve with your book!
You will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the private Members Area for the Publishing Success Program where the modules, resources, and bonuses are hosted!

Enrol today and gain INSTANT ACCESS!
To make the journey even easier for you, the Publishing Success Program includes a Publishing Success Checklist (normally $397) for you to follow!

The checklist will:
  • Walk you through the stages of writing your book 
  • ​Show you exactly what to do and when
  • ​Simplify the process of publishing your manuscript
  • ​Remove the overwhelm and bring you clarity
  • ​Keep you focused on your goal! ​
You can use the Publishing Success Checklist as an action plan to work through 
as you start, write & publish your manuscript! 
Become part of a community of like-minded authors on the journey of writing and publishing their books!
LIVE Writing & Publishing Support Calls ($3,997)
Every month, you will be invited to join live group coaching calls & writing sessions where I will support you to plan, write and publish your book!
  • Meet & connect with other authors
  • ​Learn further insights & wisdom on book writing & the publishing process
  • ​Ask any question you need to for support 
  • ​Experience my live group coaching and ideas for how to master your book
  • ​Receive the inspiration & encouragement you need to move forwards
Our live sessions together are designed to help you get your book done
and achieve your goal of becoming an author!
The Publishing Success Program will make the process of sharing your message easier so the world can receive it sooner!
Why the Publishing Success Program?
  • Step-By-Step Training: I have a gift for making the difficult simple! This program will give you easy processes to follow to plan, write & publish your book.
  • Publisher Resources & Templates: Use my copy-and-paste templates for Book Outlines, Book Manuscripts, examples for parts of books & more! 
  • Experienced-Based Strategies: In this program, I share exactly what has worked to publish 12 of my own books and 80+ titles with my publishing company. 
  • All-In-One Program: Receive the complete education & guidance you need to start your book from scratch and grow a 6-figure career as an author. 
In this program, you will learn the complete skillset of planning, writing & publishing books that you can use for the rest of your life.
Complete Set Of Book Writing & Publishing Resources ($1,997)
Writing and publishing a book is a detailed process with MANY tasks to do!

You will need examples, training & guidance at every step of the journey.

This is why the Publishing Success Program also includes my complete set of book writing & publishing resources, including:
  • Book Idea Test
  • Reader Avatar Worksheet
  • Book Outline Example
  • ​Book Opening Structure
  • ​Publisher Imprint
  • ​Dedication – Examples
  • ​Foreword – Example
  • ​Guidelines For A Foreword
  • ​Preface – Example
  • ​Introduction – Example
  • ​Introduction Template
  • ​Personal Story Example
  • ​Exercises – Example
  • ​Conclusion – Example
  • Acknowledgements – Example
  • About The Author – Example
  • ​Author Headshot – Examples
  • ​Prepare Your Book For Review – Checklist
  • ​85 Questions To Ask & Answer During Book Review
  • ​42 Questions To Improve Your Book Cover
  • ​99 Designs Cover Design Brief – Example
  • ​Contents Design Form
  • ​Contents Design Form – Example
  • ​Contents Design Ideas & Examples
  • ​Print Options & Book Types
  • ​Book Release Sales Emails – Example
  • ​Book Delivery Email – Example
  • ​Book Sales Copy – Example
From how to hire the best team members to how to work with printers and book orders, this program truly is the ALL-IN-ONE education authors need!
BONUS: Book Writing & Publishing Training!
To support you even further on your journey of becoming an author, I will GIVE you even more bonuses when you enrol!
These pre-formatted publisher templates will help you to plan your book and stay organised while you write. Used by 1000s of authors globally, these templates truly are the authors best friend! 
Learn how to kick-start and accelerate the process of writing your book with Emily’s intensive masterclass on book writing. Learn how to start your project and get into the writing flow.
Learn how to write and polish a compelling About the Author bio with Emily’s formula and process for writing bios. This process was used by Emily to write 100s of bios for leaders early in her career.
These bonus videos will walk you step-by-step through the process of using 99 Designs to source a compelling cover for your book! Includes client examples and bonus tips from Emily.
I will coach you step-by-step through the journey of turning your book from 
an idea in your head to a published title!

Here’s what will happen as soon as you enrol:

  • Confirmation & Welcome Email
  • ​Access The Private Members Area 
  • ​Join The Facebook Group
  • Download the Publishing Success Checklist
  • Watch The Modules
  • Write & Publish Your Book!

The Publishing Success Program is perfect for you if: 

  • You are ready to write & publish your book
  • ​You are a coach or speaker wanting to change people’s lives
  • You need someone to walk you step-by-step through writing & publishing
  • ​You feel overwhelmed & confused about how to become an author
  • You KNOW that you have a message that needs to be shared
I will teach you everything I know about the art of producing amazing books 
to help you achieve YOUR dream of becoming an author!
Here’s What Authors Say About Emily’s Writing 
& Publishing Support… 
“Thank you for being an inspired word artist and young visionary. 
Without your talents, this book would not have made it to the form it is today.”
Dr John Demartini
Best-Selling Author of Inspired Destiny
“I knew I felt called to write a book, but I had no idea what to say or where to start – I was stuck. In our coaching, Emily weaved her magic to pull my topics out of me into an outline for my book. Because of her coaching and book outline, I wrote 60,000 words in just three weeks!! Writing my first book and putting my thoughts on paper changed my life. Emily supported me through the writing and publishing of my book. I know she will draw out the best in you through her heart, soul, and experience in writing so many of her own books.”
Deborah Toussaint
Author of Ignite Your Life
"To Emily Gowor – this book would simply not exist without you. Emily, thank you for being the person to hold me accountable for seeing this project through to completion. Thanks also to you and your team for skilfully challenging my original ideas, for your patient and insightful book reviews, and for playing a key role in turning this book from just a ‘good’ book into hopefully, a book that can positively impact many families’ lives. The editor was outstanding and took the readability of the book to a whole new level.

 Emily, thanks for masterfully managing the whole publishing process from start to finish. 
I simply could not have done this without you."
Matthew Morrison
Author of Freedom, Lifestyle & Legacy
“From the moment I spoke with Emily on the phone, I knew she was the person to assist me with my first project of writing a book.

 I am delighted with the finished product. Emily’s professionalism, wisdom and advice along the way made this journey so much easier to navigate than it would have been, if I had of attempted it alone. Emily’s team are incredible! Words cannot express my appreciation to them all for their ongoing support, dedication and patience with me. I can highly recommend Emily and her team as a whole, if you are desiring to self-publish a book, whilst having excellent support along the way”.
Melanie Young
Author of Vibe Up Your Life!
“I want to give a huge acknowledgment to Emily Gowor. When I made the decision that I was going to commit to putting this book together, I wanted to get an experienced publisher involved, to ensure I delivered a world-class book. My first conversation with Emily was to discuss the vision and to explore whether my story was worth me investing the time, effort, heart and soul into the project.

From day one, we had an instant connection, and she has guided me through the process every step of the way, from the mastermind at the start, all the way to delivery. Emily was incredible to work with. She put her heart into every step of the process, and I am forever grateful and blessed that we were able to work together throughout the process.”
Craig Schulze
Author of You’ve Got One Shot
Emily was a true partner as I birthed my first book. From helping me discover the essence of message I wanted to deliver to my readers, to working our structure, editing and layout, she was there every step of the way. She even attended my book launch and spoke about our journey! Most importantly of all, Emily provided regular injections of self-confidence and belief - when I didn’t think I could actually finish my book, she always reminded me that I could.

Two months since launch, I’ve sold over 1,000 copies of Dream A Little Dream, which is in no small part thanks to the quality of the end product which she helped me to achieve. Thanks Em!”
Lisa Burling
Author of Dream A Little Dream
“I have had the good fortune to have been mentored on a regular basis by Emily Gowor. I have found her approach both empowering clear and practical Emily instills a deep belief in me for the words that I am writing. 

As she shares with me the impact my words have on her I sometimes have to pinch myself that they are actually my words! I have never written a book before and through Emily’s guidance and insight I have found this process to be a deeply uplifting and transformational experience.” 
Nikki Slade 
Author of The Healing Power of Chanting
“When I connected the dots backwards, I realized I’d generated an extra $25,640 from just three copies my book. I gave a book to a client when we met for coffee. My generosity inspired her to hire me as her business coach.
This brought me $20,900 in revenue. Then a client who’d read the book called me to say that he enjoyed it – and he hired me for $2,640 of coaching. After giving a third copy to a man at a networking event, he invested $2,100 in life coaching with me. This book was certainly worth the investment to publish it and I highly recommend Emily’s services.”
Tony Inman
Author of If Life’s Worth Doing
Program Summary
  • 8 Training Modules to Plan, Write & Publish Your Book ($5,997)
  • LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Emily Gowor ($3,997)
  • Complete Set Of Book Writing & Publishing Resources ($1,997)
  • Publishing Success Checklist ($397)
  • Accelerated Writing Masterclass ($197)
  • Write Your Bio eBook & Template ($95)  
  • Book Outline & Manuscript Templates ($95)
  • Private Facebook Group to Ask Emily Questions (Priceless!!)
TOTAL VALUE: $12,775!
This program is the BEST investment you can make into your future as an author!
Where do I find the payment plans options?
Click through to the order page using any of the "Enrol Now" buttons found on this page. Fill out your details. Then, scroll down to the bottom. Above the ENROL NOW payment button, there is a drop down menu that shows you the payment plan options. Simply select the payment option you prefer for the program and then enrol!
What if I have no idea where to start with my book?
I created the Publishing Success Program to help people just like you to clarify, plan, write & publish a manuscript (or several!). The modules in the program cover the 8 essential stages of taking a book from idea to published title. They will support you every step of the way from planning and writing to publishing your manuscript. 
Is there a minimum enrolment in the program?
No, there isn't! The program is a once-off investment. Once you enrol, you will receive INSTANT and UNLIMITED ACCESS to the 8 training modules in the program as well as the live coaching calls with Emily. Attend as many or as few calls as you need and use the membership area to support your book writing process.  
Is it possible to fall behind with the program?
No, it's not possible! The modules have been organised in a step-by-step process for writing & publishing your book. You can view the modules anytime in the private Members area. Remember, you have lifetime access to the course once you enrol and can publish as many books as you wish once you learn the skillset.
Will I be able to interact with Emily?
Yes! There are two ways you can do this. You can ask for feedback and advice via the Publishing Success Program Facebook group. You can also attend the live Coaching Calls and ask Emily questions during the sessions.
What if I can't attend any live calls?
Not to worry! Any bonus calls for the Publishing Success Program will be recorded and posted in the private Members area for all program participants. All modules and resources are uploaded for your viewing and consumption in the Members Area which you will receive instant access to when you join.
Will you take any royalties from my book?
The simple answer is no. I will train, coach and support you through the writing and publishing process in the program and educate you to self-publish a high-quality book. This means you will have full control over your title and earn 100% of your royalties.
What other costs will I need to pay on top of this program?
As well as the program, your other main expenses will be editing, proof-reading, contents design, cover design & upload fees. I will teach you how to hire the right team for your budget to get a great result. Your approximate budget to publish in addition to the program investment may range from $1000-$3000 AUD depending on who you hire for editing, proofreading, cover design and layout (the bigger costs in publishing).
My clients have paid more than $10,000 for my specialised knowledge in writing & publishing books. This program will prepare you to become an author for a fraction of the cost! 
I know you have a message worth sharing – and the world needs to read it.

I know you can write a book that changes lives – and now is the time.


I know you were born for SO much more!
It's Time To Share Your Message With The World...
& Grow A 6-Figure Career As An Author!
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