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Hi there, this is Emily Gowor,
inspirational author and speaker!

Writing a book is an incredible experience that will amplify your ability to touch the world in a meaningful way.
Once published, your book will enable you to:

  • Increase your income by using the book in marketing and promotion
  • Expand your networks by selling the book to new contacts
  • Turn strangers into clients through your book
  • ​Secure speaking opportunities to share your message

To reap the many rewards available to you as an author, I believe you must write an extraordinary book. This is my specialty!  

I have worked on every part of a book - from the IDEA through to the PUBLISHED product - and I would love to support you to bring yours to life. 

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My support to achieve your goal of becoming an author includes:

Book Planning Consultations

Never written a book?  Don't know where to start in writing one? 
I will help you achieve your goal by effectively planning your content and
supporting you
to produce your manuscript.

Support To Write The Book

I will be there to support as you hit sticking points and
writers block along the way. My goal is always to inspire you
as you share your message on the page.

Business & Marketing Consultations

Benefit from my extensive experience in writing and publishing books
as well as how to market and use the book to grow your business
(I will share how I generated $18,000 in 3 weeks using one of mine).

Professional Publishing Service

Receive a full professional publishing service with my team at
Gowor International Publishing. We will transform your rough draft
manuscript into a high-quality published title!
I will support you to publish an inspiring book that amplifies your brand and changes the lives of your readers.
My experience in writing & publishing books includes:
  • Editing the first manuscript of Dr John Demartini's best-selling Hay House title, Inspired Destiny
  • ​Coaching 1000's of authors from around the world to share their message on the page
  • ​6 years' experience publishing books for clients from Australia, USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand & beyond
  • ​Writing and publishing 11 of my own books!
My extensive experience in supporting authors for more than 10 years includes one-on-one consulting, 
book mentoring, ghost writing, delivering manuscript appraisals, online training programs, and 7-day writing retreats.
I am here to make the process of sharing your message easier 
so that the world can receive it sooner.
The genres I coach authors to write and publish include:
  • ​ Self-help & personal growth 
  •  Business development 
  •  Finance & wealth creation 
  • ​ Health & wellness
  •  Relationships & intimacy
  •  Inspirational memoir 
My inspiration lies in helping authors who CARE about their readers 
and who know that their knowledge and story can change lives.
When you work with my team and I: 
  • A Quality Book:  My team & I are not just a printing house. We care that your book is inspiring (otherwise it won’t sell) and will treat your book with the same love we do for my own.
  • Intellectual Property: You will retain full ownership of all intellectual property included in your book, as well as the ability to update the book at any time.
  • 100% Royalties: All authors we produce books for will retain 100% of the royalties on copies of the book sold via their own efforts and/or through re-sellers.
  • 1-1 Support: My team & I will support you every step of the way, from rough draft to finished book. We will make sure you don't miss any of the essential steps of publishing a book. 
  • Publishing Experience: Benefit from a decade of experience in writing and 6 years track-record in publishing books for authors from around the world.
  • Print-on-Demand: My team will set your book up on print-on-demand publishing and printing so you can order as few or as many books as you need.
You will be supported every step of the way as my team and I help you to
turn your book from an idea into a published title ready for launch!
I will coach you on:
  • Book Idea and Concept: I will help you to perfect your book idea so it sells well once it is published
  • Book Structure and Outline: I will work with you to create a clear plan to write your book
  • Book Titles and Subtitles: We will master the positioning of your book to appeal to readers
  • Book Cover Design: I will support you to source a winning design for your book cover
  • Manuscript Review: My team and I will provide you with the feedback you need to improve your writing
  • Author Mindset: Draw on my experience in sharing your message with 1000's of people
  • Preparing to Publish: I will support you as you prepare to market and promote your book
What authors are saying about Emily Gowor's support
“Thank you for being an inspired word artist and young visionary. Without your talents, this book would not have made it to the form it is today.”
Dr John Demartini
Author of Inspired Destiny
“Emily was a true partner as I birthed my first book. From helping me discover the essence of message I wanted to deliver to my readers, to working our structure, editing and layout, she was there every step of the way. She even attended my book launch and spoke about our journey!  Most importantly of all, Emily provided regular injections of self-confidence and belief - when I didn’t think I could actually finish my book, she always reminded me that I could. Two months since launch, I’ve sold over 1,000 copies of Dream A Little Dream, which is in no small part thanks to the quality of the end product which she helped me to achieve. Thanks Em!” 
Lisa Burling
Author of Dream A Little Dream
"To Emily at Gowor International Publishing – this book would simply not exist without you. Emily, thank you for being the person to hold me accountable for seeing this project through to completion. Thanks also to you and your team for skillfully challenging my original ideas, for your patient and insightful book reviews, and for playing a key role in turning this book from just a ‘good’ book into hopefully, a book that can positively impact many families’ lives. The editor was outstanding and took the readability of the book to a whole new level. Emily, thanks for masterfully managing the whole publishing process from start to finish. I simply could not 
have done this without you."
Matthew Morrison
Author of Freedom, Lifestyle & Legacy
 “When I connected the dots backwards, I realized I’d generated an extra $25,640 from just three copies my book. I gave a book to a client when we met for coffee. My generosity inspired her to hire me as her business coach. This brought me $20,900 in revenue. Then a client who’d read the book called me to say that he enjoyed it – and he hired me for $2,640 of coaching. After giving a third copy to a man at a networking event, he invested $2,100 in life coaching with me. This book was certainly worth the investment to publish it and
I highly recommend Emily’s services.” 
Tony Inman
Author of If Life's Worth Doing
“I knew I felt called to write a book, but I had no idea what to say or where to start – I was stuck. In our coaching, Emily weaved her magic to pull my topics out of me into an outline for my book. Because of her coaching and book outline, I wrote 60,000 words in just three weeks!! Writing my first book and putting my thoughts on paper changed my life. Emily supported me through the writing and publishing of my book. I know she will draw out the best in you through her heart, soul ,and experience in writing so many of her own books.”
Deborah Toussaint
Author of Ignite Your Life
"Thank You Emily Gowor. Without your help, my inspirational journey would never have seen the light of day and if it did, it would have just been another banged out book in the marketplace. With your help, it put so much more meaning behind my book and placed everything into more detail. You not only brought my book alive mbut every reader that has read it is absolutely loving it and I’m getting good feedback. Many people are thanking me for helping them change their perspective on life. I’ve sold it to all states of Australia, a few in the USA and the UK too."
Lance Garbutt
Author of My Never-Ending Journey Of Life
"Working with Emily to share my story in the form of a book has been an incredible experience. We all have a story though most aren’t professional writers! Emily’s skills are of high demand now because she knows exactly how to take what’s in your head and heart, and teaches you to transform what’s in you, onto page. Her humour, insight, and deep care for me and my story carried me along my journey of writing."
Suzanne Waldron
Author of A Flourishing Mind
"Emily Gowor is so much more than a book mentor! I meet with her and I think we’re going to talk about my book. And we do, of course, but our meetings are so much more than that. As Emily so often says, writing a book is a journey and I’m so grateful to be taking this journey with her. She gives me inspiration, wisdom, encouragement and life-enhancing guidance. Her belief in me has never wavered and her unshakable support of my work is invaluable. You can’t put a price on this type of mentorship – it’s worth every penny and some!"
Louise Gilbert
Author of Empower Kids Now!
“I didn’t believe I was capable of writing a book. Emily boosted my self-esteem and took me on a journey that brought me to life again from inside. Thank you, Emily, for having confidence in me and telling me that I can do it. Because of you, I am the very proud author of I Still Call Zambia Home today.”
George Masempela
Author of I Still Call Zambia Home
I work with only a small number of clients each year who:
  • Want support to share their message in a book
Writing a book is a new pursuit for nearly every author I work with. 

I will hold your hand and walk you step-by-step through the process of turning your book from an idea in your mind into a published title.
  • Are prepared to produce an asset for their brand
Having your message, story & knowledge content published in a book is a powerful asset for your brand and business (when done well).

I work with authors who are serious about increasing their influence in their industry and who are ready to produce a quality end product that will benefit them for years to come,
  • Care about leaving their legacy in the world
While writing a book does help us to leverage our income and grow our businesses, I am most inspired when working with authors who are equally interested in the difference they can make in the world.

I do my best work when the author I am working with is also driven by a heartfelt desire to change lives with their message.
If this is you, then I would love to hear about your book 
and support you on your journey!
Becoming an author will be one of the most rewarding things you ever do: 
it will help you to grow your business and make YOUR impact on the world.

I would love to help you achieve your dream of publishing a book!
Book your complimentary Book Publishing Consultation 
with Emily today (valued at $297)! 
It's Time To Share Your Message With The World
& Produce YOUR Written Legacy
NOTE: Gowor International Publishing works with selective clients who align with our mission to 
bring inspirational and educational literature to the world.
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