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Do you feel like you were born for more?
Ever wondered if you are destined for a greater life?

Born Great by Emily Gowor will show you
how to be who you are, have what you want, and change the world.

Hi there, this is Emily Gowor, inspirational author and speaker!
At age 19, I hit rock-bottom. 
I spent 8 months feeling so depressed that I didn’t want to get out of bed.
I was wondering what the point of being alive was. 

In 2007, I reached my breaking point where I nearly ended my life - but thankfully, I didn't.

I didn't really believe that we are put here on Earth to suffer. In fact, quite the opposite: I believe we are here to THRIVE.  

So, I decided I would do whatever it took to live an extraordinary life.

I have now spent more than a decade building my dreams, including writing and publishing 11 books, speaking on international stages, founding a 6-figure business, winning entrepreneur awards, and inspiring 1000's of people globally to go after their dreams! 

This book – Born Great – shares what I have learned on the journey of pursuing my purpose and sharing my gifts with humanity to inspire YOU to do the same.

I look forward to hearing how you enjoy the book!
Born Great is a book about what is possible when we decide to 
find and fulfil our purpose and potential in life.
In the pages of this book, you will:
  • Connect with a deep sense of meaning for your life
  • Be inspired to turn your purpose into income   
  • Learn wisdom behind lasting success and accomplishment
  • ​Find the courage to follow your heart and soul
  • Discover why being yourself is the key to your dreams   
This book will provide you with the guidance and inspiration you need to pursue your purpose and create an extraordinary life.
Born Great will take you on a journey through 3 powerful parts: 
Part 1: Vision
In Part 1 of the book – Vision – we will explore purpose, destiny, and anything that stands between you today and the life you would love to live.
Part 2: Wealth
In Part 2: Wealth, we will explore your relationship with money to help you start your journey to wealth and have what you want in life.
Part 3: Work
In the third part of the book – Part 3: Work –, I will support you to build the career of your dreams and make a difference in the lives of people globally.
My intention as we take this journey is that your mind will be filled with ideas on how to close the gap between your work and your purpose, your work and your wealth, and between where you are and where you want to be.
Born Great is now available for ordering!
Sneak Peek
"Don’t you want to live a life that matters? One where you express all that you are and do all that you can? One where you leave nothing unsaid and no dream unfulfilled? One at the end of which you can say, with a hand on your heart, that you lived with purpose? 

That is the commitment I want to invite you to make today: that you will do whatever it takes to create that life for yourself.

If you haven’t already begun to reflect on the deeper meaning of being alive, I know that you will eventually start to wonder. Someday - maybe today, maybe tomorrow, or maybe in ten years from now - you will take a step back, evaluate the purpose of your life, and ask yourself, “What is it all for?” My hope is that you will choose to live, love, and work in such a way that, at the end of your years, the answer to this question will be so profound, so beautiful, and so inspiring that tears will roll down your cheeks."
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Born Great was written for you if:
  • You know you were born for an extraordinary life 
You were born with a purpose as well as the ability to thrive in the pursuit of it. 

Born Great will support and guide you to find and fulfil your greatness on planet Earth – and live an extraordinary life.

  • You want to grow the career of your dreams 
Your work can be a way for you to be who you are, have what you want, and change the world. 

In the book, I will support you to grow your dream career so you can express your true self and fulfil your destiny.
  • You want to make a difference in lives globally
If you are like me, then you feel that you were born to  make a difference in the lives of thousands (or millions) of people.

Take a journey with me as we and prepare you for the career you dream of so you can create your legacy on planet Earth.
Born Great is packed full of heart, inspiration, and soul - and it can be yours today!
What People Are Saying About The Book
“Born Great is a masterpiece. 
It takes you on a journey of self-discovery to connect deeply with your purpose and calling, and gives you incredible answers to those hard-hitting questions about life. 
It’s a life-changing read.” 
Laraib Malik
Student, Pakistan
“Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Sadly, so many people struggle for years to find out 'why' they are here. You were born to be great and this book will show you how! Born Great is your ‘user manual' for greatness. Reading this book will help you design and live an inspiring and meaningful life that makes a difference to the world. Born Great is not just a book. It’s your personal compass that will bring you back to who you were born to be on this planet. 
Dare to be great!” 
Olivier Becherel
Business Consultant, Australia
“Born Great is a powerful book with 
inspiration and possibility in every chapter.
It takes you on a journey of self-exploration, lifting the 
quality of your life by empowering you to take action to 
be who you are, live your purpose, and shine your light. 
It's a fabulous book, I'll be reading it 
for years to come.” 
Kim Guthrie
Wellness Consultant, Australia
About The Author
Emily Gowor is an inspirational writer, author, and speaker.

After overcoming depression at age 19, Emily devoted herself and her life to bringing writing and inspiration to the world. She has now spent more than a decade showing people that it is possible to live an extraordinary life.

As the author of 11 published books on the topics of self-help, entrepreneurship, and writing, Emily produced an award-winning blog, Life Travels in 2010 and 2011, attracting thousands of readers.

Emily’s writings, projects, presence, and speaking presentations have touched and moved thousands globally as she inspires people to reach for more in life. As a winner of the 2012 and 2014 Anthill 30under30 Young Entrepreneur Award, Emily has been featured in a range of media sharing her inspirational messages.

Having fulfilled upon a profound and thriving career in her twenties, Emily finds continual inspiration in the world and she continues to bring her love for humanity to the forefront into all she does.

If you want to break out of the mould and live a life of deep meaning,
then this book is for you.

If you are ready to follow and fulfil your calling,
these pages will encourage you to do just that.

And, if you want to live a deeply authentic life and make your mark on the world,
then what I will share will prepare you for the journey.

Welcome home.
It's Time To Pursue Your Purpose... 
And Live An Extraordinary Life!
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